enaly OS-1700 ozone absorber

Ozone Scrubber OS-1700

Ozone can clean air and water to make a better life for us. However, excessive ozone may harmful when people breath it in. Now, you can choose our ozone scrubber OS-1700 to absorb the excessive ozone when you use our ozone generator. It is the double safety guarantee for your health.

Ozone Scrubber OS-1700 Specifications:

Main Material: Glass

Volume: 1700ml (Φ110X300 mm)

Weight: 600g

Accessory:  1 filter ( you get 2 filters )

Lifetime of each filter: More than 6 months ( by a daily usage of 30min )

What is in all: tank (1pc); filter (2 pcs); air stone (2 pcs); 1m PVC hose (2 pcs)

Ozone Scrubber OS-1700 Feature:

1. Totally sealed ozone with no leak to your room

2. Filter is replaceable

3. It is suitable for most Enaly ozone generators

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