Ozone Monitor & Tester

DOZ-30 Ozone Water Tester

Introduction of DOZ-30 Ozone Water Tester: Revolutionary way to instantly get dissolved ozone value by using tri-electroded method measuring: faster and accurate, matching up to DPD results, without any reagent consuming. DOZ30 in your pocket is a smart partner to measure dissolved ozone with you. SPECIFICATIONS of DOZ-30 Ozone Water Tester: Range 0 -10.00 mg/L […]

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air ozone monitor

G09-O3-3121 Ozone,Temperature,Humidity Monitor

Real time detect ambiance ozone gas level Detect temperature and humidity at the same time Wall mounted with LCD display LCD can display ozone, temperature and humidity, also controll device status etc. Working with remote. Ozone measure range: 0ppb~5000ppb. Display Resolution:1ppb (0.001ppm) (0.01mg/ m3). Temperature range: -20~50℃ (-4℉~122℉); relative humidity range:5~99%RH Made in Japan Electrochemical

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ozone air level controller

OZX-800 Ozone Detector

OZX-800 is our professional ozone detector. It uses high technical electrochemistry probe. So its detection range is 0~50ppm, resolution is 0.01ppm and accuracy is ±3%FS. OZX-800 is widely used in food fresh keeping especially fruit. Specifications of OZX-800 Ozone Detector: Detection of gas: Ozone Detection Principle: electrochemistry Detection range:0~50ppm Resolution: 0.01ppm Accuracy:±3%FS Alarm Way: Relay Switch

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