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OZX-800 Ozone Detector

OZX-800 is our professional ozone detector. It uses high technical electrochemistry probe. So its detection range is 0~50ppm, resolution is 0.01ppm and accuracy is ±3%FS. OZX-800 is widely used in food fresh keeping especially fruit.

Specifications of OZX-800 Ozone Detector:

Detection of gas: Ozone

Detection Principle: electrochemistry

Detection range:0~50ppm

Resolution: 0.01ppm


Alarm Way: Relay Switch Output (Contact Output), audible and visual alarm (option)

Working Voltage: 220V

Working Current: 1A

Audible and Visual Alarm Current: 120mA Volume 120db

LCD Display Mode: ppm、%VOL,%LEL

Max. Transmission Distance: about 1100m

Probe Wire Distance: about 3m

Working Temperature: -20℃~+50℃

Relative Humidity: 10%~95%RH (no lon)

Body Material: Galvanized steel sheet (main unit)

Body Size: 150X210X65mm (main unit)

Images of OZX-800 Ozone Detector: