Micro Bubble Generator O3FB-10 with Powerful Ozone

Micro Bubble Generator Technology offers several advantages for cleaning, sterilizing, and preserving various objects. It provides a thorough and effective cleaning process that swiftly removes oil and tough stains, thus simplifying cleaning tasks. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals like detergents, disinfectants, soaps, and hand sanitizers, thereby reducing environmental pollution and preventing skin damage.

This innovative technology boasts strong bactericidal properties, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria from surfaces such as cutlery, kitchenware, baby bottles, toys, floors, and clothing. Consequently, this creates a healthy and sterile environment for your family. Additionally, it eradicates unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants from items like towels, rags, socks, and toys, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Moreover, Micro Bubble Technology is highly proficient in removing pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables, ensuring they are safe for consumption. It promptly kills bacteria on produce, preserving freshness for a longer duration. As a result, it can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to two to three times, thereby reducing food waste and saving money.

In conclusion, Micro Bubble Technology is an innovative and beneficial solution for cleaning and preserving a wide array of objects, including household items and food products. Its effective cleaning and sterilizing capabilities, along with its ability to prolong food shelf life, make it a valuable asset for any home or business.

Features of the New Technology of Micro Bubble Generator O3FB-10 with ozone :
  1. With all the features of standard aerator

    2. No filters, maintenance free

    3. Instant start: induction device included, automatic instant start

    4.  Immediate generation: jet + honeycomb transient fusion technology that effectively mixes ozone in water

    5. Water and electricity separation: water and electricity separation design, to ensure the safety of users

    6. Lowest power: low power consumption (lower than 7W)

    7. Universal voltage: applicable to all countries of the power supply voltage specifications (AC100V ~ 250V)

    8. Power-off protection: automatic power-off protection device, stop the production of ozone 10 minutes after to ensure that not too much ozone in the air surroundings

    9. Ozone concentration in water is greater than 0.5mg/l

Specifications of Ozone Generator :

Input voltage: DC24V

Power: <7.5W

Size: 130×120×40mm

Net weight: 280g

Ozone production: 100mg/hr

Ozone concentration in tap water: greater than 0.5mg/l ( normally in 0.5-1mg/l)

Faucet connection:

US Male 15/16\”-27

Male M24x1

other type of faucets can be connected via converters

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Pictures of the Ozone Micro Bubble Generator O3FB-10

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