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Micro Bubble Aerator FBA-01 for deep and powerful cleaning

Micro Bubble Aerator Technology offers numerous benefits for cleaning and sterilizing various objects. It provides a deep and efficient cleaning process that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants, and soaps, thus reducing environmental pollution and preventing skin damage. It is highly effective in removing oils and other tough stains, making cleaning tasks easier and more enjoyable.

The technology also has strong bactericidal properties, making it effective in killing harmful bacteria on the surface of objects, including cutlery, kitchenware, baby bottles, toys, floors, and clothing, creating a healthy and sterile environment for your family. Additionally, it eliminates odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

The micro bubble aerator technology is highly effective in removing pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables, making them safe for consumption. It also helps to increase the freshness of fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life by up to two to three times longer.

In conclusion, the micro bubble aerator technology is an innovative and highly beneficial tool for cleaning and sterilizing a wide range of objects, including household items and food products. Its efficient cleaning process, sterilization capabilities, and ability to extend the shelf life of food items make it a valuable addition to any home or business.

Features of Micro Bubble Aerator FBA-01 :

• With all the features of standard aerator

• No filters, maintenance free

• Instant start and generation of micro bubbles

Faucet connection:

US Male 15/16\”-27

Male M24x1

other type of faucets can be connected via converters

Pictures of the Micro Bubble Aerator FBA-01

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