500ml air dryer for ozone generators

500ml Air Dryer for ozone generator

Enaly Air Dryer filled with extremely absorbent silica beads removes almost all moisture from the ambient air. Equipped with filters at its air inlet and outlet, it dramatically reduces particles entering to your ozone generator and hence reduces the risk of the second pollution. Best of all, it will increase the efficiency of your ozone generator.

Enaly Air Dryer is user-friendly. The silica beads turn from dark blue to a pink color when filled with moisture. The silica beads can be easily recharged by heating them in your oven or microwave. The filters can be easily cleaned by a brush or a vacuum.

500ml Air Dryer for ozone generator Features:

1. Can be repeatedly used after heated in a microwave or an oven.

2. Air filters at inlets are included.

3. Dark blue silica beads turn to a pink color when filled with moisture.

500ml Air Dryer for ozone generator Specifications:

Model Name: Enaly Air Dryer (500ml)

For models: 1000BT-12, OZX03K

Volume: 500 ml

Dimension of Outlet: 8mm; Air Inlet: 8mm

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