ozone generator 1000bt

1000BT-12 Ozone Generator for Laboratory

1000BT-12 Ozone Generator has industrial quality with a consumer price.This ozone generator uses high output Corona Discharge Ozone Tube, together with a high flow ball bearing Cooling Fan (48 CFM) to ensure steady and high ozone output (up to 1000mg/hr by oxygen), ideal for treating drinking water from a water tank or a well and many other industrial applications.

This ozone generator has no built in air pump so that it can be fed with different air sources, such as pure oxygen from an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator, dry air (with the use of Enaly 200 ml Air dryer) and ambient air (with the use of an external air pump).

The Ozone Output Regulating Dial allows precise ozone output adjustments (0~100%), making it ideal for working together with a Redox (ORP) controller for fish pond and aquarium applications.

This ozone generator is ideal for ozone applications that require a different air source than ambient air, as well as for high ozone output applications that most other home ozone generators can not provide.

Specifications of 1000BT-12 Ozone Generator:

Model Name: 1000BT-12

Max.Ozone Output: 1000mg/h, adjustable

Pump Output: Not included, external gas supply equipment is needed

Power Source: DC 12V ( AC (100V-240V 50-60Hz 40W) to DC adaptor is included )

Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)

Wattage: 25W

Dimension: 200mmX210mmX110mm

Net Weight 2.5 kg

Case: High strength painted metal.

Materials on Ozone Path: Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone, High-density polyethylene.

To users in England and the countries where use UK standard power plugs: We do not have UK standards power plugs. Users in these countries will get products with standard EU power plugs.

Features of 1000BT-12 Ozone Generator:

1. High output corona discharge ozone tube with low power consumption (25W).

2. High flow ball bearing cooling fan (48 CFM).

3. Precise ozone output calibration.

4. Can be fed with different air sources.

5. Compact and rugged construction.

Max. Ozone Output:

1. Oxygen input (25 degree C) :

Oxygen flow (L/min)        Ozone output (mg/H)

0.5                             990

1                             1100

1.5                             1250

2. Dry air input (25 degree C, with air dryer) :

Ozone output: 300 mg/h, Air flow: 1.0 L/min

Images of 1000BT-12 Ozone Generator: