air ozone monitor

G09-O3-3121 Ozone,Temperature,Humidity Monitor

Real time detect ambiance ozone gas level

Detect temperature and humidity at the same time

Wall mounted with LCD display

LCD can display ozone, temperature and humidity, also controll device status etc.

Working with remote.

Ozone measure range: 0ppb~5000ppb.

Display Resolution:1ppb (0.001ppm) (0.01mg/ m3).

Temperature range: -20~50℃ (-4℉~122℉); relative humidity range:5~99%RH

Made in Japan Electrochemical sensor inside, high sensitivity

Provide 1X relay dry-contact output for an ozone generator or a fan optional

1Xanalog output (0~10VCD/0~5VDC) to correspond with ozone level optional

RS-485 communication interface, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting

Power Supply: 24VAC/VDC

Accessory: adaptor, shelf, remote

Images of G09-O3-3121 Ozone,Temperature,Humidity Monitor: