ozone generator 10yk

OZXY-10K Industrial Ozone Generator

OZXY-10K combines an ozone generator and an oxygen concentrator to form a powerful “turn key” system. No need to worry about how to feed an ozone generator with oxygen. This is the 2-in-1 system offering many versatile solutions.

Portability: Four rolling wheels and handles facilitate easy moving.

Two usages:

1. Generating ozone for ozonation treatments/purifications.

2. Generating oxygen for oxygen treatments.

Our highly efficient Air and Water-cooled industrial ozone generators can run for an extensive period of time without decreasing ozone output.This ozone generator can be used for drinking water treatment; industrial and municipal waste water treatments; odor control; air purification; agricultural, food processing, aquiculture, and marine uses.

This ozone generator uses the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology to generate ozone. The ozone cell is carefully designed and constructed with high quality materials for reliable and efficient operation.

Each unit is inspected and tested rigorously before sending over to the customer. Our strict and comprehensive inspecting and testing procedures will ensure that every unit performs according to their specifications and offers a long life service to any demanding application.

Specifications of OZXY-10K Industrial Ozone Generator:

Model Name: OZXY-10K

Max. Ozone Output: 10g/h

Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)

Feed Gas: Oxygen from the built-in oxygen concentrator

Oxygen flow (L/min): 0~3

Oxygen concentration (%): Min.90%

Oxygen delivery pressure (Mpa): 0.03~0.07

Cooling: Water cooling

Power Source: AC 110V/50 Hz or 220V/60Hz

Wattage: 450W

Dimension: 440mmX350mmX670mm

Net Weight: 35 kg

Features of OZXY-10K Industrial Ozone Generator:

1. Low power consumption with high ozone output

3. Integrated designs

4. Long life performance

5. Low running costs

6. Very portable

7. Comes with a complete accessory set

Accessory set includes:

1 power cord, 2 water hose connectors(Dim: 16 mm), 2 hose clamps, 1 air filter replacement, 1 air hose (Dim: 6.5 mm)

Optional Accessories:

2 water hoses (Dim: 16 mm), 1 water pump (1300L/hr).

Images of OZXY-10K Industrial Ozone Generator: