ozone air purifier with timer

Industry Ozone Air Purifier OZX-A3500T Best Solution for Quality Air

Industry Ozone Air Purifier OZX-A3500T is our new powerful industrial strength ozone air purifier with timer. It is chosen by only professional for serious mold, mildew, odor and pollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, clubs, pubs, basements, cars, boats, as well as for fire, flood and crime scene cleanup restorations.

This powerful industry ozone air purifier is constructed with Stainless Steels from inside out, making it rugged enough for your demanding applications. The unit is shaped like a bazooka and has a High Flow Blowing Fan (CFM: 120), that it can distribute ozone gas well to the surrounding area for highly effective treatments. And it comes with timer operating modes, which make it ideal for applications requiring different ozone output levels.

Specifications of OZX-A3500T Industry Ozone Air Purifier:

Model Name: OZX-A3500T

Ozone Output: 3,500mg/h

Timer: 1,3,5,10,20,30,40,50 min and 1 to 24 hours timers; constant ON function

Case size: 280mmX180mmX140mm

Input Power: AC110-120V or AC220-240V

Fan Output: 120 CFM

Wattage: 100W

Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (ozone plate)

Power Cable: Included

Case: Stainless steel

Gas Resource: Ambient air

Net Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7Ib)

Features of OZX-A3500T Industry Ozone Air Purifier:

1. Rugged construction.

2. Come with timer operating modes and easy for using

3. Low power consumption with high ozone output.

4. High flow blowing fan with filter.

5. Long life ozone plate (6000 hrs).

6. Easy to change ozone plate.

*To users in England and the countries where use UK standard power plugs: We do not have UK standards power plugs. Users in these countries will get products with standard EU power plugs.


1. The unit is ONLY for THE COMMERCIAL USERS. Any other user should seek advice from an expert for the instructions of applying ozone. All users of this product should assume full responsibility for any damage or injury that may arise through its use.

2. The unit is ONLY for THE UNOCCUPIED OZONE SHOCK TREATMENT. The procedures for the treatment are complicated. These involve removing not only all people, pets and plants from the area but also other things that may react with ozone. Do not attempt to use this product before seeking an expert’s advice on what things should be removed.

Images of OZX-A3500T Industry Ozone Air Purifier: