OZAC-PLUS aquarium ozone generator. The Ultimate Solution with ORP Control

The ENALY OZAC-PLUS Aquarium Ozone Generator equips with a built-in redox meter/controller, featuring a digital display and adjustable set point, ensuring the effective and safe use of ozone in aquariums. With options of 100/200mg ozone output, it offers a comprehensive solution for ozonisation.

TWO models:

OZAC-PLUS-100 —————– 100mg/hr ozone output

OZAC-PLUS-200 —————– 200mg/hr ozone output

OZAC-PLUS-50/100/200 Aquarium Ozone Generators Specifications:

Max. Ozone output:

OZAC-PLUS 100 —————– 100mg/hr ozone output

OZAC-PLUS 200 —————– 200mg/hr ozone output

Max. ORP reading: 450mV

Voltage: DC12V

Power Adaptor: AC100V- 240V 50-60Hz,12W

Certification: UL TUL CE

Dimension: 199mmX163mmX64mm

Ozone output: Adjustable between 10-100% of rated output

Inlet and outlet port diameter : 6 millimetres

Net Weight: 1.5 kilograms

200ml air dryer included

ORP probe not included ( please buy it separately)

Key Points of Using Ozone Generator to Aquarium:

When considering the use of an ozone generator for an aquarium, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, it\’s crucial to ensure that the feed gas is completely dry and free of any impurities. This is because any moisture or contaminants present in the gas can potentially react with the ozone and produce harmful byproducts that can be harmful to aquatic life.

It’s also important to avoid injecting ozone directly into the fish tank itself. Instead, a contact chamber such as a protein skimmer can be used to transfer the ozone gas into the water. It’s essential to ensure that any materials used in the contact chamber are highly resistant or inert to ozone, as this will prevent them from reacting with the gas and potentially causing damage.

When using an ozone generator, it’s also important to protect the aquarium inhabitants from exposure to free ozone and/or oxidation products. The best way to remove any residual free ozone and oxidation products is by vigorous aeration followed by filtration through activated carbon. This will help to ensure that the water is free of harmful byproducts and is safe for aquatic life.

Another key consideration when using an ozone generator is monitoring the ozone input. The most effective method for this is by measuring the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) with probes or by a Redox meter/controller. The recommended ORP value for an aquarium is between 300 and 350 mV, and it’s important not to exceed a redox value of 400 mV, as this can lead to the production of harmful substances such as hypochloric and hypobromic acids that could damage sensitive organisms.

Finally, it’s essential to prevent ozonized air from escaping into the room. Installing a carbon filter on your protein skimmer or ozone reactor where ozonized air escapes is a good way to achieve this. By following these guidelines and taking the necessary precautions, an ozone generator can be a safe and effective way to keep your aquarium water clean and healthy for aquatic life.

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