100YB Spa Ozone Generator

spa ozone generator

100YB Spa Ozone Generator is one of our OEM ozone generators that we make for Spa, hot tubes, Water vending Machines, Walk-in Coolers, Commercial Laundry Washers, Commercial Dish Washers and Water Tanks. It is a similar to OZX-100Y with a newer casing.

There are many other applications. Please contact us for your specific needs.

100YB Spa Ozone Generator Specifications

Model Name: OZX-100YB

Case size: 65X80X33 (WXDXH) mm3

Input Power: DC12V/AC110V/AC220V

Ozone Output: ~ Max. 100 mg/hr

Power Consumption: < 4W

Materials on ozone path: Stainless steel; glass ; silicone rubber

What 100YB Spa Ozone Generator Does in Spa, Hot Tubs:

Reduces need for high chemical doses

Helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, yeasts

Oxidizes other contaminants

Reduces odor and chloramines

Prolongs equipment life

Reduces maintenance time & cost

Ozone purifies naturally

Other Benefits of 100YB Spa Ozone Generator

Ozone also oxidizes soap, deodorant, hair spray, cologne, makeup, perfume, body lotion, hand cream, sun tan lotion, saliva, and urine. Used in concert with your sanitizer, ozone helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses and helps to oxidize organic contaminants. Ozone frees up combined chlorine and bromine, thus freeing them to be continuously reused. Ozone ultimately enhances the performance of chlorine and bromine as well as alternative sanitizer systems.

Less chlorine or bromine may be needed to maintain a residual. The quality of water will be dramatically better with the combination of ozone and chlorine or bromine than with chlorine or bromine alone.

The ozone not only destroys microorganisms, it also breaks down harmful chemicals, and causes total dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by the filter. The result is water which is cleaner, clearer, and smoother feeling to the skin.

100YB Spa Ozone Generator images: