S-O3 Ozone Water Tester

Introduction of S-O3 Ozone Water Tester:

S-O3 portable tester is applying to test the ozone level in water. It is widely used in water supply, food, environment, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, thermoelectricity, paper making, aquaculture production, print works and petrochemistry for the ozone level testing on site or at labs.

SPECIFICATIONS of S-O3 Ozone Water Tester:

Detection items: Ozone

Detection method: DPD spectrophotometry

Detection range: 0.01-10.0mg/L

Degree graduator: 0.01 mg/L

Average deviation: 3%±0.01

Size: 16×6.2×3cm

Weight: 0.15kg

Power supply: AA battery*2


Features of S-O3 Ozone Water Tester

1. Low detection cost

2. Better specificity and less interference

3. Simple operation, easy calibration and maintenance

4. More convenient. All the operating processes can be finished in 2 minutes.

5. The tester is made of hermetic and steady material. So its detection stability is still good in the terrible condition.

Images of S-O3 Ozone Water Tester: