OZX-200YQ Ozone Generator

OZX-200YQ Ozone Generator is one of our most basic units used for different applications. It has been used as a functional unit for dish sterilizers and commercial ozone generators for water treatment. We believe that a wider application of this unit could be found by applying it to spas, baths, small pools and anywhere small volume of water sterilizing is necessary. This is a highly integrated corona discharge three in one unit with ozone tube, ozone power and Air Pump in one plastic case.

It is a very compact design but is a very powerful and enduring product.

Specifications of OZX-200YQ Ozone Generator:

Model Name: OZX-200YQ

Ozone output: 200mg/hr

Pump Output: 1-2 litres per minute

Outlet port dimensions: 6 millimetres

Power: AC220-240V or AC110-120V

Case size: 92X190X40 (WXDXH) mm3

Net Weight: 0.7 kilograms

Case: Plastic

Features of OZX-200YQ Ozone Generator:

1. Low power consumption with high ozone output.

2. Compact design with built in Air Pump, buy and use instantly.

3. Long life performance.

Images of OZX-200YQ Ozone Generator: