8000DK In Duct Ozone Generator

Whole House In Duct Air Purifier Ozone Generator 8000DK

Features a variable ozone output from

10% – 100% of Max. rated ozone output

With automatic HUBA airflow switch

Totally Automatic Operation!

Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Housing

8000DK In Duct Ozone Generator is designed to freshen entire homes, offices, restaurants or bars of smoke and other odors. It can purify the air and help remove mold odors. It can also be used to lightly shock treat an entire home, when it is unoccupied. This is especially useful in homes where that “funky” odor cannot be located. Older homes, homes with animal odors, even newer homes with new construction odors can be treated. It can also help kill mold and bacteria that are living in your ducts, and your home.

8000DK In Duct Ozone Generator is NOT designed remediate or kill mold in entire homes, offices, or restaurants. If an entire home has a mold problem that must be totally killed, then this is NOT the type of ozone generator to use. For severe mold contamination’s rooms must be treated on an individual room by room basis with a higher output ozone generator. For example if a basement has a mold problem then it is is recommended to blast out that area individually with one of our High Powered Ozone Generators

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