Build in Ultra Fine Bubble Bathtub System

ENALY ultra fine bubble technology bathtub system

Just air and water! No chemical added! No need to use shower gel; just soak in the water, fine bubbles will be able to remove the stains in the pores, to reproduce the bright and beautiful skin.

More deep cleaning to achieve no shower gel; no shampoo; no residual chlorine bath

More comprehensive conservation of higher moisture retention, thermal insulation

Release a lot of negative ions. Eliminate fatigue, physical and mental peace, as exposure to the forest.

To avoid the skin on the absorption of chemicals caused by the skin, more healthy, more environmentally friendly bath. While avoiding the residual shower gel discharged to the water and the secondary pollution of the environment.


What is ultra fine bubble?


Ultra fine bubbles are extremely small bubbles of less than 1 / 1000mm in diameter. As the size of the bubble is extremely small and with a negative potential, can absorb small dust and float it to the surface. Has been widely used in industrial, food and home cleaning.


Specifications of built-in ultra fine bubble bath system:

Model name: ESB-750

Power supply voltage:  AC 220 V 50 Hz or AC110V 60Hz

The maximum power consumption: 750 watts

Pump rated water flow: 25 liters / min

Applicable water temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius

Timer:  20 minutes

Protection measures: leakage protection; water pump overheating protection; air switch button


Product pictures: