FBG-004 Ultra Fine Bubble Generator for Laboratory.

Ultra Fine bubbles are very fine bubbles in micro sizes, which hold much more interesting properties than larger bubbles.

It is appropriate for the investigation of the gas-water interface electrical charge, because of their long stagnation, due to slow buoyancy, in the electrophoresis cell observation area.They have high specific area and high stagnation features in the liquid phase. Free-radical generation occurs when micro- and nano-sized bubbles collapse due to the high density of ions at the gas-liquid interface that develops prior to the collapse.In saturated liquids, nano-bubbles are extremely stable due to the absorption of ions on their surface. The gas molecules inside the nano bubbles do not come in contact with the bulk liquid, allowing the nano bubbles to last for a much longer time. 

Applications of Ultra Fine bubbles: 

Sterilization using ozone gas for home, industry and medical applications

Nutritional supplement carrier in the food industry

Acceleration of metabolism in vegetables and shellfishes

Micro fluidics, water treatment by flotation

Contrast agents for ultrasonography

Foam products in the food industry and other products requiring bubble stability.

Specifications of Ultra Fine bubble generator NBG-004 

Model Name: FBG-004
Water output: 1.5-2.5L/min, adjustable
Power Source: DC24V  ( AC to DC adaptor is included )
Timer: 20min
Dimension: 360mmX175mmX370mm
Net Weight: 8.5 kg
Case: stainless steel.

Ultra Fine bubble generator FBG-004 Features:

1. Adjustable output of water flow rate at the range of 1.5-2.5L/min.

2. Instant nano bubble generation.

3. Rugged construction.

Product Pictures of Ultra Fine bubble generator FBG-004