Ozone Fine Bubble Generator O3FB-10


Deep Clean: Quickly decomposition and remove oil, deep cleaning, to make cleaning tableware and other heavy labor easy and enjoyable. Reduce or even eliminate the need to use chemicals such as detergents, detergents, disinfectants; soap and hand sanitizer to reduce environmental pollution and skin damage.

Eliminate bacteria: Ozone water has a strong bactericidal power that kills the bacteria on the surface of objects, such as cutlery, kitchenware, baby bottles and toys; clothing, floors, etc., to give your family a healthy, sterile environment.

Clear odor: The strong oxidation of ozone water can remove odors on the object. Such as towels, rags, socks, toys and so on. The use of ozone micro bubble water to clean the pet body and goods can effectively remove odors and get rid of pet pests, to give pets and your family a non-smell environment.

Pesticide removal: Can remove most of the residues in fruits and vegetables, harmful to human pesticides. At the same time, instantly eliminate bacteria from fruits and vegetables.

Food preservation: Increase the freshness of vegetables, fruits, extend the shelf life 2 to 3 times longer.


 With all the features of standard aerator

 No filters, maintenance free

• Instant start: induction device included, automatic instant start

• Instant generation: jet + honeycomb transient fusion technology that effectively mixes ozone in water

• Water and electricity separation: water and electricity separation design, to ensure the safety of users

• Lowest power: low power consumption (lower than 7W)

• Universal voltage: applicable to all countries of the power supply voltage specifications (AC100V ~ 250V)

• Power-off protection: automatic power-off protection device, stop the production of ozone 10 minutes after to ensure that not too much ozone in the air surroundings

 Faucet connection:

US Male 15/16"-27 

Male M24x1 

other type of faucets can be connected via converters


 System Pictures: