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High Quality

Quality is our first priority. We have no compromising on any tiny quality issues. Every ozone generator is double checked before we ship it to our customer.

Wide Product Range

We provide a very wide range of ozone generator from small home ozone generator to large industrial ozone applications for water and air purification.

High Performance

Our ozone generator and ozone purifier for water and air purification are able to produce pure ozone with more available oxidizers for effective sterilization.

Global Approach

Our ozone generator is distributed round the world more than 80 countries. Our dealer networks are solid and providing user friendly local services.

Featured New Product

NBG-004 Nano Bubbles Generator for Laboratory.

NBG-004 is a fully adjustable nano bubble generator for you to do variety of testing in your lab of your nano bubble applications.  Best for tank water as it has water pump installed inside. 

Primary Features

  • Adjustable output of water flow rate at the range of 1.5-2.5L/min.
  • Instant nano bubble generation. Work good with ozone generator
  • Rugged construction.

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