Global Approach

Our products are distributed round the world more than 80 countries. Our dealer networks are solid and providing user friendly services toward local customers. Please feel free to contact us to check dealers close to you and get their services to meet your needs.

Wide Rang Product Line

With more than 10 years of development and successful work with ozone generators, we provide a very wide range of products from small home ozone generators to large industrial ozone applications.  In addition we provide products for water treatment and air purification.  We are available to serve your needs.

High Quality

Quality is our first priority. We have no compromising on any tiny quality issues. Every product is double checked before we ship it to our customer. Our design and manufacturing teams are highly experience and they look into the product with all the aspects.


OZX-300ST Ozone Generator

Enaly OZX-300ST is a newer version of OZX-300AT. It has all the features of OZX-300AT has and a lot improvements. It is all digitally controlled. It provides a soundless ozone output because of the higher frequencies was used in the power source. Specifications: Max. Ozone Output 200mg/hr without connection to air dryer 500mg/hr with connection…



ZO-30N Ozone Generator

ZO-30N is one of our most basic units used for different applications. It has been used as a functional unit for dish sterilizers and commercial ozone generators for water treatment. We believe that a wider application of this unit could be found by applying it to spas, baths, small pools and anywhere small volume of…



OZX-300AT Ozone Generator

Enaly OZX-300AT is one of our full-featured ozone generator products for making ozonated water conveniently at your own home, to remove residual chemical found on most meats, fruits and vegetable or to disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance free. Unlike many home-use ozone generators, OZX-300AT has an Output Adjusting Dial…



OZX-A7000B commercial ozone air purifier

The unit is a powerful industrial strength ozone air purifier. It is chosen by only professional for serious mold, mildew, odor and pollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, clubs, pubs, basements, cars, boats, as well as for fire, flood and crime scene cleanup restorations. Unlike those daily air purifying ozone air purifiers, it is…

unitOzone Scrubber OS-1700 Use ozone with no leak to your room by OS-1700 Totally sealed ozone when you making your ozone water, washing vegetable. First time on market! You never has this kind of tools before! Specifications: Main Material: Glass Volume: 1700ml (Φ110X300 mm) Weight: 600g Accessory:  1 filter ( you get 2 filters ) Lifetime of each filter: More than 6 months ( by a daily usage of 30min )
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